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I am speaking to that side of myself that was so obsessed with needing to be attached to someone. I have found so much peace now that I have gotten to know that side of my own psyche. I appreciate Carl Jung's quote: "one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." It is about the consciousness of everything that I "swept under the rug," in which I found my own demons biting back at me. The demons of fear, guilt, shame, all left unchecked, left me beaten and broken. From these bruises I am learning lessons. I am "brushing off the bullshit," as I called it on a recent Instagram post.

I am growing and I am learning.
Every day is a new lesson
Every day is a beautiful poem
Every day I am grateful to live.
Every day, I exist here, in this moment.
Every day, I am more and more alive, less and less attached.
Thank you god, thank you.

I do not care much for a judgmental god of fear, guilt and shame, for those feelings are only guides, never meant to be the dominant force in my life. I stay strong and true in my heart, firmly rooted on this Earth, powerful in my core, fluid in my emotions. The cup of my root, holds the water of my feeling; fills, then dumps, then fills again, never needing to be attached to any one singular moment. The polarities come to a close and instead become one with me.

I am free.
I am free.
I am.

Thank you Kamadeva.
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